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About me / What I do by Suykens Jonathan

Suykens Jonathan Multimedia Group ★★★★★

★★★★★ visual Artist / / Content Creator Jonathan Suykens

Video/photographer and bricoleur likely most popular for his diversions of combining different art styles.

Specialisation: Video - Photo - Art meets #ICT

Running a 5-STAR media business | channel on YouTube:

Working in #FILM, #PHOTO, #ART/ICT.

His love for video, photo, and art makes him unique by mixing them together in his work.

He inspires his subscribers about art house videography via videos on his YouTube channel ” Suykens Jonathan”.

He has been featured in Focus outdoor magazine and different newspaper articles:

Jonathan Suykens Wiki/Biography Born on 05 may 1983, Jonathan Suykens age is 38 years as of 2022.

He was born and brought up in a well-settled caucasian family from Antwerp, Belgium. He did his schooling at a local High School in Turnhout, Belgium.

Full Name Jonathan Suykens
Date of Birth 04 may 1983 Age 38 Years
Profession YouTuber, Artist, Photographer and Content Creator.
Nationality Belgian School Local High School, Belgium Education Qualification Diploma in Multimedia ( Photography – Videography) Jonathan Suykens started his Youtube career as a YouTuber in 2021.

He started uploading videos related to photography and cinematography.

Along with YouTube, he is also very popular on other social media platforms.

He has been featured in several popular magazines like he has maintained applaudable professionalism throughout his career, so he would focus on his career and avoid any rumours and controversies.

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