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Cover Design: Book: Will I Marry Me?

Bijgewerkt op: 14 jan. 2023

I did the entire design of the book and I schot, edit all the photos for the book:

Will I Marry Me

Will I marry me?

Riri Starseed is a holistic guide with a message for all of us: unconditional love is the foundation of all life and everything starts with loving yourself.

'Will I marry me?' is a practical workbook that allows you to get closer to yourself in 30 days and take the first steps towards self-love.

Riri uses the symbolism of marriage and guides you in saying YES to yourself.

In five parts she shows you what you can do to transform your life and which wisdoms can support you in finding your balance.

Five parts are five stages:

(1) you start by opening your inner eyes so that you can see that you are a beautiful soul,

(2) then you prepare for marriage,

(3) then you consciously tread the path,

(4) for the purpose of taking your vow and

(5) finally integrate everything into your daily life.

The book is a valuable amalgamation and a wonderful collection of insights and wisdom that are interpreted in a clear way.

Riri combines this with her personal story and that makes the whole a great source of inspiration.

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